Tesla Semi - Ready For Challenge
Trucking is about to undergo a revolution thanks to Tesla Semi.

Tesla, supervised by Elon Musk, has proven that it can make excellent battery-powered cars. Over and over again, they have proven this fact with numerous awards and successful projects.

With the Tesla Semi truck, however, did Tesla succeed in making a truly superior electric truck? Our article uncovers this information because Tesla’s most mighty monster, Semi Truck, is finally here!

Logistics companies all over the world have relied heavily on diesel-powered big rigs to transport raw materials and finished goods over long distances for decades.

These environment-polluting gas-powered trucks do this while producing large amounts of unhealthy emissions that contribute to global warming and other health problems. This is the unsightly fact behind the items you buy at the store because they came to you via these air pollution-filled trucks.

Due to the specific requirements of the job they perform, making a battery-powered truck is extremely challenging. That hasn’t stopped Tesla from producing one, and Tesla’s Semi, a class 8 truck powered by four independent electric motors, shatters expectations and turns the transportation sector upside down, despite all the complexity and difficulty.

Due to the independent motors on Semi, Tesla can do some interesting things with it. One example is how Tesla has solved an enduring problem with trucks loaded with a trailer; jack-knifing! Jack-knifing is the nightmare of truck drivers because it is life-and-death! Jack-knifing happens when the truck cab violently moves one way while the trailer moves another, resulting in a catastrophic imbalance causing the truck to flip over.

At this point, the driver has lost control and can only hope for the best! But not in a Tesla Semi! Elon Musk boasted it would never happen to a Tesla-branded truck during the presentation of Semi.

It can also actuate the motors or stop them as required to maximize traction control, thereby automatically correcting for over-steer when the weight distribution changes.

The result is that the truck does everything to evade a jack-knife, and the most awesome part is that it does not need the driver’s intervention! Bear in mind that this solution came very early in the truck’s development.

The electric motors of Semi not only prevent accidents but also allow for super-fast acceleration.

This battery-powered monster can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 20 seconds with 80,000 pounds of load attached! 80 thousand pounds is the legal load limit for its class.

When the load is detached, Semi does it in 5 seconds, faster than many expensive cars! The insane Semi can reach a staggering 65 mph speed with the maximum load attached! To put that in perspective, a diesel-powered truck can only reach 45 miles per hour under the same conditions!

With a revolutionary auto like Semi, it makes sense that Tesla chose a striking design. It places the driver at the center of the cabin rather than on the side. This cockpit-style seating placement, coupled with an elevated height, improves safety by allowing the driver to see more on the road. With the assistance of two external cameras, Semi’s driver can see the surroundings around the truck. The low center of gravity of the truck also prevents the truck from rolling over.

Regarding the range, there are two options available for Semi; one can go 300 miles on a single charge, while the other can run for 500 miles before it needs to be recharged.

There has been a question about whether or not the battery would pose a problem for Semi.

EV batteries are heavy, and a 100 kWh battery in the typical Tesla car adds 1,300 pounds to the weight of the vehicle. Some experts not associated with Tesla estimate that Semi requires between 600 kWh and 1000 kWh to deliver 300 or 500 miles of driving range.

Tesla’s all-new 4680 battery powers Semi. Tesla has spent a lot of time optimizing the materials and physical arrangement to maximize range, reduce weight and charging times, and improve safety and durability. Tesla Semi’s battery will only be revealed over time, although it is unlikely to be a problem as Tesla has historically excelled in quality in all aspects.