Is Tesla Model Y Worth Buying?
The Tesla Model Y is an excellent crossover and even a better electric vehicle.

We have all heard of the Tesla Model Y, but how this car affect Tesla's sales in the future and is it worth buying? First let's take a look at all the current EV ranges, and see where does Tesla Model Y fit.

Let's start off with the 2018 models, because the majority of people owning a Tesla car, have one of the 2018 models. The top three cars are easily Tesla models. We have the Tesla Model S at 335 miles, the Tesla Model 3 at 310 miles, and the Tesla Model X at 295 miles. After that, it sort of slips off as next car, the Chevrolet Bolt, has a range of only 238 miles. A lot of these models have improved in range. For example, the Tesla Model S now has a 370 mile range in their 2019 model. The Tesla Model Y is expected to have a 300 mile range which places it at around third place when we're talking about the 2018 model ranges.

In 2019, we could see that the Model X has moved above the Model 3, and the Model S still was the number one, with 370 miles worth of range. The Model 3, and the Chevrolet Bolt have stayed the same in the range from 2018 to 2019, so the Model Y places at 4th place which is pretty decent for the price. Also, considering the fact that Model Y is a heavier car than the Model 3, in 2020 we saw that the Model Y stayed our 4th place. The Chevrolet Bolt is miles and miles away from reaching the Model Y's range.

It is pretty interesting to note that the top four cars on this list are all Tesla cars which goes to show how Tesla cars are really the best EV cars in the market. When we lay out the prices, we can see that the Model Y is not the cheapest. It's actually more expensive than Model 3, but it still has potential to hit the mass market with its $39,000 base model Model Y. However, that base model for the Model Y will be delayed, just like the Model 3 had their base model released far after the actual one has been released.

So far, it seems like the Model Y is a pretty good car, but it does not seem like it is game-changing. So, let's talk about its new features and what sets it apart from the other cars.

One new feature of the Model Y which could make this car game-changing, is the amount of safety it has. It is the safest mid-size SUV in the world. But safety doesn't seem like a game-changing factor. It is not like a cool feature or anything, but it is actually the top factor when it comes to choosing cars. Elon Musk actually says that the Model Y sales is equal to Model S and Model X sales combined. This is a pretty safe car and it becomes important when it comes to sales.

Most likely one major criticism for the Model Y is the fact that 70% of its parts are actually the same parts as the Model 3, which goes to show that this car is basically the Model 3, just with some minor features and improvements.

However, despite the lack of so many new features, the Model Y is a big deal. The reason is because the SUV market share is actually really huge. How many people stay with an SUV once they buy one? It is definitely above average, around 66%. It is actually the only car type that has higher than average loyalty from car owners. Whether you think Model Y is an SUV or not, Elon Musk calls it an SUV. You may believe it is a crossover or mid-sized SUV, but anyway it still is a lot bigger than the Model 3 and it can hit on a lot of the market share for SUVs.

It seems like the target audience for the Model Y is the families. We could see that with how big the Model Y is, how safe it is, and how the center of gravity in Model Y is pretty low, which makes the car really stable. This especially hits on the carsick market. Lots of people get carsick in cars, especially the kids. Model Y actually has a very low center of gravity as Elon Musk said, which helps it not shake around much.

But is the Model Y really worth buying? If you are looking for the most economic Tesla the answer is not Model Y, but the less expensive Tesla Model 3, having 70 percent of the parts in common with Model Y. But if you do need a bigger car, then Model 3, then the Tesla Model Y would be worth the money.