Getting Platinum Blonde Hair by Bleaching to Level 10
If you are using pastel dyes, you will get the best results with a level 10 base.

Most fantasy light shades such as light blonde or gelatin blonde require pre-lightening to level 10 before they can be bleached. In order for the dye to be easily absorbed into the cortex of the hair strands, the dark pigments of the hair color should be removed and the hair strands must be turned white. In this article, we are going to provide you with step-by-step instructions for getting your hair color bleaching up to level 10.

Many people find bleaching their hair and going to level 10 bleach to be challenging. Generally, it is recommended to consult a hair colorist before bleaching hair since this is not as easy as it seems and is best done by a professional. The precautions are important because your hair might suffer irreparable damage if you fail to follow them.

The intensity of bleaching cannot be increased from level 5 to level 10 in a single bleaching session. In most cases, the bleaching takes two stages, but it can sometimes take three stages if the material is reapplied and the bleaching is repeated.

It is usually a three-step process with the hair being brought to level 4 bleaching first, then to a few levels higher in the next step, and then reaching level 10 in the final stage.

It is necessary to mix the bleaching powder with a 9% oxidant (developer) in order to get started. Based on the thickness of your hair, you may alternatively want to use an oxidant of 12%. It is recommended, however, to utilize the lower option to keep in the safe zone, because even though it may take a bit longer when using a 9% oxidant, the results will be much more satisfactory and there will be no risk of damage to your hair.

The colorability of some hair types tends to be higher. If that is your case, you can lighten the hair without bleaching by using oxygen shock to lighten it up to level 10. For this purpose, 12% oxidants, or the so-called oxidants of 40 volume, can be used in two-step dyeing processes without bleaching the hair. In addition to its use in tint mixtures and highlighting, it can also be used in blending and decoupaging dark hair.

A safe method for bleaching hair to level 10

When you want to get your hair to level 10 bleach, the following method is the best way to do it without causing any damage to it.

Cold shock hair bleaching procedure

To do a cold shock, you need to use the 9% oxidant in step one to raise the hair's level to almost 10. Once this has been done, spray freezing cold water over the hair to shock the hair and cause the yellow pigments inside the hair cortex to rise to the surface. The bleaching material should be applied again once the yellow pigments have been removed. It will take 5-10 minutes for the hair to reach level 10 before you can dye it.

How do I bleach black hair to level 10 bleach?

If you have black hair, lightening your hair directly to white is not a good idea, as it takes a lot of struggle. If you want to lighten the color, you should gradually get to lighter shades, and then bleach it afterwards.

The oxidant volume to be consumed to reach level 10 bleach?

You need a certain amount of oxidant depending on the hair color you're trying to achieve. Do not overdo it to avoid excessive damage to hair. Hair that has already been whitened or has light colored hair is treated with oxidants of volume-20; The Oxidants volume-30 are usually applied at the beginning of the process to brown hair when the hair is still containing its natural color pigments; and The hair of naturally dark people is treated with organic oxidants of volume-40.

Using natural materials as a way to whiten hair may be of interest to many people. It may be better for you not to use any bleaching material on your hair to prevent damage. The natural way to lighten your hair can be accomplished with some natural substances. However, you won't be able to achieve a level 10.

Although natural substances such as chamomile and lemon juice can make your hair lighter, they cannot lighten it to level 10. In case you are considering bleaching your hair on your own at home and getting it to level 10, I suggest paying attention to the tips below.

When you apply the bleaching material, Make sure you start bleaching the back of your hair. Another tip to remember is that whenever you use a brush in this procedure, you must brush from the middle of the hair toward the roots. Due to the fact that the middle length of your hair is more colorable than the roots, this technique is more effective.

After you have applied the bleaching material, check on your hair in five minutes. In case you notice that your hair has not been affected by the material and has not changed color, it can be a sign that the bleaching agent is causing damages to your hair. So you need to wash it off immediately. Aside from that, it is of no use keeping it on your hair since the bleaching agent must take effect in just a few minutes. Thus, if the bleaching material you have used on your hair did not produce any noticeable hair color change after five minutes, it can be an indication that you have not used a high-quality material.

When dyeing hair, apply the dye from top to bottom of the strands down to 1 cm from the root of the hair. Depending on the colorability of your hair, wait five to ten minutes before you dye the roots for smooth bleaching and a seamless shade. After applying your material, make sure to check your hair 20 minutes later. If the bleaching material stays on the hair for too long, it can burn the hair texture.

Aftercare - A Step That's Too Often Overlooked

Once your hair has been bleached, you need to take much more care of it. The use of anti-yellow shampoo will prevent the appearance of yellow tones on your hair after bleaching. Finally, it's recommended that bleached hair be fortified with hair masks.