How to Do A Highlight Using Pinwheel Hair Dye Technique
There is actually much less complexity involved in the pinwheel hair dyeing process than you might think

This article shows you how to dye your hair with a fantasy hair dye technique called a pinwheel dye. Despite its whimsical name, this technique isn't restricted to fantasy shades. Using a pinwheel technique from root to tip will create a multidimensional color look for your hairs. To get the best results, you must bleach the hair first before applying this dye. Utilizing decoloring creams, powders, and oxidants of superior quality are the best way to accomplish this goal.

You need to bleach your entire hair for a pinwheel technique. Assume that the head is a sphere with its center being at the top. The hair should be separated in triangles according to its center. The size of each triangle will depend on your choice or the preference of the person you are doing it for. It doesn't matter if you choose small triangles or large triangles, there is no right or wrong size.

The first section of the design is created by separating the hair and drawing even lines between the triangles. Next to the first triangle, separate the second triangle. A hair clip can be used to hold the second triangle beside the first. Try to separate the sections in equal size as you separate the next layers of your hair.

The hair on the other side needs to be separated in the same way. The other side must be mirrored as closely as possible. It is also necessary to attach a hair clip after you separate all the layers of hair around the head.

The next step is to open up your layers one by one and dye each one with a different fantasy color. Choosing a color for the front depends on the person's preference; they may be either cool or warm colors. You will need to choose your color based on the person’s preference and start applying the dye.

Choose one of your favorite colors from a high-quality catalog and apply it with a silicone brush. A silicone brush with a W-shaped head will reach deep into the hair layer and leave no area unattended. A disk tool can be used to cover the forehead and around the face for people with long hair, so the hair does not get in their eyes. Continue layer by layer until you reach the end.

After that, you can color the angles of the triangle neatly and cleanly with a small silicone brush. Using the smaller silicone brush instead of the bigger brush will prevent the color from smearing onto the other layers and making the dye look dirty. The hair should be wrapped up and held in place with a hair clip after you've finished applying the dye to this layer.

Make sure you avoid using plastic head covers on your hair to keep the dye from becoming dull and losing its shine. Instead, each layer of hair can be held in place with one hair clip.

Working from the front of the head is recommended only if you have bleached your hair, otherwise you can start also at the back. Whether you start at the front or the back doesn't really matter in a fantasy dye, but it's usually better to start at the front so that you can have a better view of what is going on. However, as an alternative, you can begin the same process in the back side of your head. You simply separate the hair, apply the dye, and then clip the hair to be fixed in place.

Depending on the preferences, you could dye all the layers around the head in two or three cool or warm colors. The best way to arrange your colors is to place them side by side, cool and warm, so that they complement one another. As an instance, if you want to use a violet brown dye for the first layer, you can use the 5.20 color, and for the second layer, you can use number 0.3 (gold) color. A chocolate color, for instance, can be used on the third layer.

Your choice of colors solely depends on your creativity, knowledge of colors, and personal preferences. You want to choose dye colors that won't cause unwanted muddiness. Staying within two to three levels of each other and using two to three colors is the best way to go.

It is possible to use color shampoos instead of dyes, but those products have very limited durability and will fade within a few showers. However, high-quality dyes will not fade so easily, especially warm colors.

As a result of bleaching and rinsing a hair, it will become dry and rough, making it difficult to brush and straighten. In spite of the fact that you cannot use some hair products after a bleach, there are excellent hair masks available from high-quality brands, which you can apply after rinsing the bleaching solution off the hair for 20 minutes.

You can use the mentioned hair masks to moisturize your hair as well as to prepare it for dyeing. Using a colored hair conditioner after dyeing your hair will prevent fading of the dye and close the hair cuticles.