Highlighting Your Hair Using Hair Foils
Although using hair foils at home can be challenging at first, with time and persistence you can master it.

Whether you're looking to highlight your hair or restyle your appearance in a completely new way, knowing how to work with hair foils can be a big help. The purpose of this article is to provide an overview on working with hair formulas, and how to highlight your hair with foils, as well as how to separate the hair for this kind of highlight.

This type of highlight with foils requires you to separate the hair starting from the arch of your eyebrows and continuing straight until the back of your head. The hair should be separated in a semicircle, and the rest should be tied.

Depending on how the individual wants their bangs highlighted, the whole front layer may not be separated, thus, it's better to decide ahead of time how they want their bangs highlighted.

The method for a common highlight style is to separate a thin layer and wrap it in foil. Divide the ears and the front of the head for the highlights after you have separated the hair to the back of the head. You can highlight the sections of each part by wrapping it in foil after separating it into three or four parts. It is recommended that the material is applied up the foil wrap near the hair roots and also smeared over the rest of the hair. After that, bend the foil, making sure to bend the sides so it doesn't slip down. You will need to use a decoloring powder that contains nine percent powerful oxidants. To prevent leaks, you can also use clips or cotton pieces.

The person might prefer not to have a whole layer of her hair highlighted in the front since this type of highlight separates the hair and highlights it in semicircles or crescents. Therefore, it is better to separate the front layer based on personal preferences, either by leaving it without a highlight or by separating the hair into three or four sections, and then wrapping them in foil.

Continue separating the layers in a semicircle. During the semicircle separation of the hair, You create a thin layer of hair inside the foil. You should bleach that thin layer of hair at this point. About half of the layer you separated needs to be bleached. Afterwards, Starting from the left instead of right, bleach the other half of the layer thoroughly for the next layer. After that, you'll place a layer on the left and a layer on the right. Continue to do so for the rest of the layers of hair.

You can bleach the layers of hair on the back of your head using the same method you bleach the first layer on your head, as due to its position, the hair on the back of the head is less visible than the hair on the front. Each section of the hair should be thoroughly bleached with your bleaching formula until all the layers are covered.

Make a semicircle by separating the hair into two layers. Bleach the right section first, then bleach the left side. You will need to repeat this process until you have covered all the layers.

Once the formula has had time to work on the hair, you can unwrap one foil wrap and see if it has been bleached adequately. When you are satisfied with the results of the bleaching, you should rinse the hair thoroughly and apply a hair mask instead of a hair conditioner. The cuticles of the hair are not affected by a hair mask, so it is preferable to a conditioner. The softening effects of a high quality hair mask will last a long time without damaging the hair.

Applying the dye

It is important to use dye based on the bleach level necessary for the hair. For instance, if you want to dye your hair a beige dye (natural 9.0 color), then you will need a level 9 bleach. The formula should be mixed with oxidant at a rate of six percent to achieve this. Considering that the majority of the mixture is beige, more than half of it must be filled with this color. Approximately one-fourth of the mixture needs to be gray gold 9.31, and the other part will be your natural color.

Once the mixture is ready, The dye should be used as described above. Wrap the hair in foil in semicircular sections, similar to what you did in the previous step. In the same way you did for the front of the head, you can dye the hair behind the head. This mixture should be thoroughly applied to your hair and left on for ten to fifteen minutes before being rinsed off.