All About Eyelash Extensions
Lashes that are semi-permanent and adhere to the natural lashes.

In this article, we'll discuss the process and methods of eyelash extensions and their differences from eyelash implantation.

Eyelash extensions are a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure that not only helps people with low volume or expressionless eyelashes, but also those who are too busy during the day to put on makeup or have allergies to makeup products.

The eyelash extension procedure is fundamentally different from the procedure of eyelash implantation. A beauty salon, clinic, or other makeup center may offer an eyelash extension, but only a physician is qualified to implant eyelashes. Since the hair on the eyelash is different from the hair on the head, the success rate of eyelash implantation surgery is pretty low.

In addition, eyelash extensions are a semipermanent type of makeup, so you can modify their appearance each time they are reattached. For those who enjoy changing their looks, eyelash extensions can be styled to look either half curled or curled.

Even so, it is not a good idea to get an eyelash extension at every beauty salon. This is because choosing the right type of adhesive is the most important part of the process.

It is also important to select the right eyelash extensions strands so that the resulting eyelashes do not feel heavy after the procedure. In essence, you want the result to be light and delicate, in order to achieve a natural appearance.

The general anatomy of the face also plays a significant role in this process, which should be taken into account. You should pay attention to the type and appearance of the eyes, the space between the eyes and eyebrows, the direction of hair growth on the eyebrows, and the length of the eyes.

It is important that the eyelash extension artist take into account the size and length of each eyelash extension, since each extension must be applied according to the type of the natural eyelashes, as well as individual's preferences and needs. It is important to always pay attention to what a person is asking you to do.

Various eyelash extension sizes and lengths are available. Neither one size nor one length can be used on all people or even different parts of the eyelash for a single person. The angle at which you apply false lashes to the side of the eyes should depend on the type and length of the lashes you are using.

The maintenance after the process is another factor for people with eyelash extensions to consider. During the first 24-hour period, you should avoid contact with water. However, once this period has passed, water can enhance the appearance of the eyelashes.

Be sure not to use water-resistant mascara. People who have drooping eyelids or skin problems should undergo the appropriate tests before the procedure.

For one-day or short-term eyelash extensions, ask your makeup artist to use the proper glue to keep the false eyelashes attached to the eyelash line for only one day.

Some people begin to pick their false lashes off by hand once they no longer need them. This is an improper way to remove them and can damage your eyelashes and cause them to fall out. Some people may assume that this is due to the extension artist attaching the extensions improperly, but that's not the case.

For a good extension, the eyelash extension should last almost three weeks, although in humid areas, it may last a little shorter. However, there are products that can help extend the extension's life and make it last three weeks or more.

In order for future recovery sessions to be effective, you should document all the procedures and products used during each recovery session.

Using pads that contain a moisturizing agent will allow you to moisturize the eyes while separating the lower from the upper eyelashes. You should sterilize your hands before the operation since you will be working on the eyes.

Separate your upper and lower eyelashes from one another by using a pad on the lower eyelash to prevent them from sticking together. You can also use moisturizing pads below the eyes to help moisturize the skin beneath the eyes. Make sure to clean the eyelashes completely with primers or eyelash cleaners.

You will need to keep track of the length of the person's eyelashes to determine the right length of the false lashes. Considering the length, size, and thickness of the eyelashes, choose the suitable false lashes for the individual, and then ask the person what type of eyelashes they prefer, curly, simple, or semi-curly.

It is important to consider both the outer and inner edges of the eye when applying extensions. As a rule, we do not attach false lashes to the last three or four lashes on the outer edge of the eye. When applied to the outer edge of the eye, the eyelashes will appear abnormal and unnatural since the extension adds considerable volume to them. The first to third lashes should be skipped on the inner edge of the eye and false lashes should be applied from then on.

Generally, on the inner edge of the eyes, the eyelashes tend to be more delicate and short. In terms of false lashes, the ones used at the center of the eyelashes or along their majority are different from those used at the inner edge of the eyelashes. Therefore, the sizes used on the edge of the eyes differ from those used in the center. Make sure you always use the same set of sizes and lengths between sections and use the same standard. If you follow the rules, you will end up with a stunning and harmonious result.

We begin the process on the left eye by holding the curved forceps from below and the straight forceps from above. To attach the extensions to the right eye, we will use the straight forceps from the bottom to separate the eyelashes and the curved forceps from the top to separate the eyelashes.

You should brush the eyebrows upward and downward and order them after attaching a few false lashes. You should also brush the eyelashes after the process, and if you have any regeneration or nourishing products, use them on the eyelashes.

Finally, ensure that the clients understand the correct way to maintain their eyelash extensions because this is extremely important and will directly impact the durability and beauty of the eyelashes.