Facial Contouring
Facial contouring is one of the fastest growing nonsurgical and no-invasive procedures in the industry right now.

Skin naturally loses elasticity as we age, leading to sagging and wrinkles on the face. That is why people increasingly seek out preventive as well as reactionary methods to enhance their appearance. We will discuss Facial Contouring in this article, a fast growing nona nonsurgical and noninvasive procedure for facial rejuvenation.

In order to begin, you should apply makeup to the eyes. Apply your makeup while keeping in mind the anatomy of the face and the eyes. When there is a bit of loose skin on the eyelids, you need to apply a dark contour below the eyebrows and above the upper eyelids.

Between the eyebrows and eyelashes, there are five distinct areas:

  1. The area directly under the eyebrows,
  2. The upper part of the eyelids,
  3. The line dividing the area one-third below the eyebrows on the eyelids,
  4. The area right around the eyes, and
  5. The region directly above the eyelashes.

On the eyelids, apply a lighter shade. This will allow you to leave a little more space between the lighter shade and the third line of your eyelids where it's a little darker than the rest.

The above is considered only the base for your eyeshadow. On the third line, draw a darker area. Use your light shade to create a distinct border between the darker and lighter shades. Then, fade the lines a second time, and check to make sure that the makeup on both eyes matches perfectly.

Since the material used in the eye foundation is oily, the person should not open their eyes during application, otherwise, the foundation will smear.

The best way to fade your makeup is to use both dark and light shades. It is best to do the same procedure for both eyes to make the process as effortless as possible.

The light eyeshadow should be applied below the eyebrows, and you should use a brush to apply and fade the makeup simultaneously. Once this is done, you can hide the lines by fading out the shades. Then you can shape and style the eyebrows with a pencil or brush, and apply a shadow to them. Make sure the material you use on the eyebrows isn't too oily.

The angle of the eyebrows and the space between them should be taken into account when performing contouring.

Afterwards, apply a hachure and a shade to the eyebrows inside and out using an eyebrow polish. Always apply the bulk of your material to the thickest part of your eyebrow when your brush is full of material rather than starting at the tail or crown.

You can use the same material to draw small hair-like hachures below the eyebrows if the eyebrows cover a large area of the face. This will give the eyebrows a more natural appearance.

Next, you need to draw the eyeliner for the person. Do not draw thick eyeliner. Apply eyeliner to both eyes. Eyeliner should be drawn long enough to cover the entire eyelash. Hence, an eyeliner should always be drawn when the eyes are open.

It is now time to attach the false lashes. Having natural false lashes will greatly enhance the look of the makeup. False lashes should not be applied from the top of the eyelash line, but instead, should be applied nearly inside the eyelash line.

Follow up by applying concealer under the eyes. Gold is the best color for the background as it completely hides the spots of freckles around the eyes. For the inner corner of your eye, use a light eyeshadow applied with a tilted brush. It will look best if you use a shiny highlight. Continue by extending the lower eyelids with another color. If you want to draw an eyeliner for the lower lash line, you can use a brown aqua color.

After the eyeshadow for the lower eyelids has been applied, you can apply the face cream powder. Based on the foundation you used, you should choose a cream powder that complements your skin type, hides your skin defects and complements the natural color of your face. There are some cream powders that can only be applied by hand. Let the fixing powder absorb into the skin for a few minutes.

For the contour of the nose, you can use a dark shade. The length of the two parallel lines drawn on the side of the nose depend on the structure of the nose itself. The way you fade the nose's contour also depends on the natural shape of the nose.

The contour can now be applied to the cheeks. You can negatively impact how old the person looks by drawing the contour in the wrong place. It is possible to guess the person's cheekbone shape and location by asking them to smile broadly.

The cheeks can be made more voluminous using a variety of methods. You can apply a light shade on the jawline and on the cheekbones. To add even more volume to this area, you can use some peach-colored material. On the temples and cheekbones, apply a white shadow. White shades can also be used to add volume.

Following the application of the material, fade away the darker and lighter shades. You can make the chin appear fuller by using some of the light shade. Once the shades have faded, apply the fixing powder all over the face.

When the makeup is complete, you should apply the lipstick. Using special waterproof materials can help you prevent the lipstick from fading.

Consider the restrictions when it comes to expanding the lips and make sure not to ruin the relationship between the distance between the lips and the nose and between the lower lip and the chin.

If there is not much space between the upper lip and nose, the material can only be applied to the actual lip and not more. The same applies to the lower lip. A darker shade should be applied on the outside lines of the lips, while a lighter shade should be applied on the inside and the middle area of the lips. The inside of the lips should be lighter than the upper lip. The same goes for the exact spot on the upper lip.