Nano-Pigmentation Procedure - All You Need to Know
Filling in scarce, thin eyebrows with nanoblading gives the eyebrow a fuller, thicker natural appearance.

In this article we are going to discuss about a cosmetic procedure called Nano Pigmentation, which is a permanent makeup technique, and is also known as Nano-Brows or Nano-needling.

The nano-needle is the thinnest eyebrow needle on the market today and can produce eyebrows that look almost natural. While its ability to create hair-like pigments makes it the best and latest technique in micropigmentation, Nano cartridges are very fragile and have their own specific applications and other techniques like micro-pigmentation are not comparable to this one.

Although there are many pigmentation techniques available in beauty centers, such as 3D shading / 3D hachure, natural and shading, Nano pigmentation, however, stands out because of its unique characteristics, and because it is a relatively new technique, it is not familiar to most people. A nanoblading procedure is an easy, fast, and semi-permanent way to change your eyebrows or lips. Here is what you should expect from the procedure.

The majority of the people who are suitable candidates for Nano pigmentation have naturally good eyebrows. They usually have no tattoos or pigmentation left on their eyebrows, or have rarely used pigmentation to lighten their eyebrows. Additionally, this technique works best to achieve a relatively dark eyebrow color.

In comparison to other pigmentation methods, nanopigmentation is more delicate, requires special techniques, and takes much longer to accomplish. Nano-pigmentation needles can also be used to create complex shadings or to combine different cosmetic techniques. In addition, people who desire discreet and natural-looking pigmentation can benefit from this procedure.

Since the result is so delicate, you can even make use of this method on your eyelashes, particularly lower eyelashes which need to look extremely discreet. You can also use this method on the lips. However, this process can take quite some time and exhaust the client or the cosmetics expert.

Additionally, as a result of Nano pigmentation's delicate nature, recovery sessions are more frequent than for other techniques. This method is only recommended for eyebrows and eyelashes. If you have dark skin, especially if you also have darker brows and eyelashes, nanopigmentation might not be the best option for you.

The procedure in details

It is possible to use nanopigmentation to fill the sparse or empty parts of the eyebrows, however, the eyebrow must never have previously had pigmentation work done on it.

In addition to thickening the eyebrows, you can change their shape with this procedure. In this procedure, a pigmentation ink and a super fine needle are used to create hair-like tattoo strokes. The strokes will resemble natural hair in almost every way.

Using a string, you can check the symmetry of your eyebrows by placing the string above the nose on the flat part. With a string, you can measure up to 80%, but the rest will require the use of other tools. With a coulisse or a ruler, you can measure the distance between the middle line and the eyebrows more precisely.

Starting at the top of the eyebrow, you should align the string so it reaches the outer edge or tail of the eyebrow, and then you should measure below the crown. The string should then be aligned from the bottom of the eyebrow to the arch of the eyebrow. Considering one arch to be aligned with another is not a good idea. The misalignment of components can be detected when measurements are taken correctly. For example, there is a good chance that the left eyebrow sits a few millimeters above the right eyebrow.

As mentioned earlier, when you hold a cartridge and apply pressure, your posture, way of holding it, and how much pressure you apply are crucial. Using the pigmentation does not require you to follow any special rules for your body posture. You should do it in whatever manner feels most comfortable for you, but using the cartridge correctly is crucial. It is possible to perform pigmentation from above or between the lines of the eyebrow depending on the shape and design of the eyebrow.

All of the main lines should be added completely in the first phase, and the secondary lines can be added later. It is a good idea to massage the eyebrows with any type of organic anti-inflammation cream once the first pass is complete. Give the eyebrows a thorough massage and let them sit for two to three minutes.

An anesthetic cream not only makes the procedure painless, but can also reduce skin irritation and help pigmentation to be more effective. It is advisable to use a high quality pigmentation cream from a well-known brand, since some less known pigmentation creams can reduce or completely wipe away the color you use for your nano-pigmentation procedure.

When you have added the primary lines, with the greatest degree of delicacy possible to match the person's natural hair growth direction, move on to applying the secondary lines, and then strengthen the primary lines at the tails and the crown of the eyebrows to finish the procedure. Each pigmented line must follow the direction of hair growth and must be put between the hair strands of each eyebrow.

You may notice that your eyebrows are darker at first after getting them nanobladed. It typically takes approximately 4 weeks for them to heal. As a common side effect of any semi-permanent makeup, you may experience itching, swelling, and redness after your procedure, but they should go away after a few days.