Using Light Makeup to Make You Look Amazing
A light makeup gives you the opportunity to accentuate your natural features and embrace your imperfections.

The beauty of a full face of makeup is undeniable, nevertheless, sometimes a light face of makeup just fits better. A light makeup can be made flawless while still being easy and effortless if you apply the right techniques. Our aim in this article is to show you how to apply light makeup perfectly.

As a base for the makeup, you need to apply some primer first. Although there are various types of primers available, but as a rule of thumb, cream-based primers tend to be more effective on the skin than liquid primers. For the face, different primers are used than for the eyes.

It is recommended to avoid liquid materials for the foundation for eye makeup and to use a cream powder with some volume. It is generally recommended that you use a light cream around your eyes compared to the rest of your face. In this process, fading is very important; it gives the makeup its beauty, makes it look well blended, and makes it last.

Use fixing powder to remove excess oil from your makeup and to fix it on your skin. One of the first steps in applying makeup to the face is preparing the base for the eye makeup and applying it to the rings of the eyes.

The eyes are the most influential on the appearance of the face, and the eyes receive most of the attention during a face makeup procedure. To start with, use a shade that is slightly darker than your skin tone. Afterwards, you can use lighter shades.

If you apply a dark shade in the area where the eyelid folds when you open your eyes, it will make the eyes look exceptional beautiful when you open them. A light shade should be applied to the inner corners of the eyes, and the above-mentioned dark shade should be extended a bit further. This will change the shape of the eyes.

It is recommended that you apply the light shade multiple times. Use a matte shade as the foundation for your eye makeup and then use the other colors based on your personal preferences. You can also use shiny, metallic, or matte shades at this stage.

You should extend the shadow line longer if your eye socket bone is bulging. Otherwise, you can fade the shade around the folding line on your eyelids if the eye socket bone is normal.

It is important to use the same color tone for the upper eyelids and lower eyelids as you do for the upper eyelids. You can start with darker shades and move towards lighter shades as you apply all the shades on the upper eyelids towards the lower eyelids making a smooth gradient. Using darker shades on the outer edges of the eyes and lighter shades on the inner edges, begin with the darker shades and work your way inwards.

The first and second sections of the eyelids can be painted with light shades if you have small eyes and wish to make them seem wider. If you want to do so, it is best to start with the edge of the eyes.

You can enhance your appearance with false lashes if you want to take it to the next level. There are various types of false lashes available in the market to choose from, including individual false lashes and volume false lashes. Or as an alternative, you can use a zero, double zero, or triple zero brush to apply an impressive black aqua eyeliner.

You must determine what type of eyeliner you want to draw before you draw it. You should extend your eyeliner outside your natural lash line and lean slightly upwards if you want to lengthen your eyes. You should draw a longer eyeliner if you want to make your eyes look bigger.

Using large quantities of cream powder on the face at once is never a good idea. It is important to apply the cream powder gradually and fade it well, even if you have to use lots of it for makeup. Another important point about applying a cream powder is that generally, there should always be a two degree difference between the skin color and the cream powder. The two-degree difference can be either in lightness or darkness.

It is also possible to contour your face while applying cream powder. By touching the face with the sponge, you can fade the material. If you apply the primer before the cream powder, it will make it easier for you to apply it properly. Using a fixing powder or pancake after applying the cream powder will let you fix the material.

Afterwards, starting under the lower eyelids and extending to the cheekbones, apply concealer under the eyes in the shape of a triangle. When you want to make an area more noticeable, you should use light shades. The area under the eyes can be enhanced with concealer if you want to add volume to the cheeks and hide the ring around the eyes.

Light shades should be applied to create a smooth fade along the length of the nose, the middle of the forehead, and under the chin.

You can then begin the contour process, which involves applying the main light and dark shades. While contouring, dark shades are almost always used to make the areas that you want to make less visible. In addition, shiny materials can be used to accentuate certain parts of the face, also known as strobing. In order to fix your makeup, use fixing powder after contouring your face again. The fixing powder should be applied gently to your face with a sponge.

Once the contour is fixed, you can use a highlighter to accentuate it. Begin by forming your lips with your lip liner. The lip liner should be drawn inside the natural lip line if you want them to look smaller, and over the natural lip line if you want the lips to look plumper. In any other case, you should just draw the lip liner along the natural lip line.

You can apply makeup to the eyebrows by brushing them upwards and drawing lines or hachures with an eyebrow mascara. To finish off your makeup, you can use a honey-colored aqua to outline your eyebrows.